We do not copy, we create from the scratch. We will introduce a breath of fresh air into Your company.


We always match the advertisement to the client, not the other way around. That is why we are so successful.


Each advertisement is made-to-order. Each campaign is tailored to the needs of the market.



We operate on many levels. We go into PR, Social Media, SEO, TV and Press.



We optimize webpages for search engines with payment for the effects. We work, gain clients for you, and when you are in the TOP10 only then will you pay  for our work. Simple rules, transparent conditions of cooperation and reliability, that’s what distinguished Nakatomi from the rest.


Creative campaigns

We develop  creative online campaigns, because it is the idea that is the foundation of the success and sales of your products. There are many advertisement agencies but only the most creative and entrepreneurial of them know how to promote a brand.


Whisper marketing

Only a well prepared whisper marketing campaign can succeed. We use the rule of 7 steps in Buzz marketing, therefore our campaigns are successful and bring the desired effect.



Campaigns on foreign markets

We will promote your product or service on foreign markets, starting from Europe: Germany, France, Italy, UK, through North America: USA, Canada, ending with Australia. We work globally and we can sell products everywhere. Don’t limit yourself to Poland, because our country is small and the market is limited; with the high quality of Polish services and the Polish prices our products are competitive on Western markets. Join us and sell your products in New York or Bahrain, it does not matter that you are from Poland, do not feel inferior, because Polish means good, all that matters is what you offer, WE will take care of the rest.  



We create your future

It takes one day to become a business person, years to become a good business person, to be the best it takes a whole life of learning and working. You entrust us with your company and we take care of every aspect of its operation from online marketing campaigns through choosing the right contractors to verifying your coworkers. Nakatomi is a global Agency, cooperating with over 1000 companies around the world, therefore we are capable of building a strong brand, taking care of sales of your products both in Poland and all over the world. Do you want to work with professionals only? We invite you to work with us.



Campaigns for medical institutions.

No doctor, dentist or medical institution can advertise themselves in the common sense of the word, such practices are forbidden by the medical ethics. However, they can show the patient that they exist and, through positive recommendations, gain a number of people satisfied with their services. Effective and in line with the medical ethics, only with Nakatomi Social Media Agency.



Campaigns for hotels, boarding houses.

Do you happen to be lacking visitors off season? Have you wondered why? Accommodation sites advertise themselves mostly on booking and similar portals, but did you think about travel forums, about whisper marketing abroad, about AdWords in Scandinavia? With us you can have even 70% more guests, see how we work, we will show you the best promotional strategy.



Campaigns for advocates, lawyers.

Lawyers have it even worse than doctors, their promotion should be limited to hanging a sign on the building and that’s it, but is that possible? Have you seen a lawyer who has no social media or does not use SEO? Everything is for people, and lawyers are people too, it just needs to be done in a reasonable way. Nowadays, there is no company without marketing, and lawyers and law firms are companies too.


       Effective marketing campaigns for companies all over the world.

We are creative and imaginative thinkers! SEO, Whisper Marketing, Marketing Campaigns all over the world, Buzz Marketing in 20 languages, all that makes us stand out. 720 campaigns, 30 languages!!!


Today’s customer are bombarded with an incredible amount of advertising messages – don’t let your message disappear among thousands of others. Nakatomi Advertising Agency has a multistep work process, its marketing strategy will allow your company to gain adequate publicity and to get a strong position on the market at the same time. Nowadays, while taking any action in the advertising area, we must think deeply about the people we want to reach and what product should we offer. Selling newspapers in a kiosk we do not need to advertise ourselves. Prices of newspapers are the same everywhere, and our kiosk stands by the road, so there will always be customers. Things are different with companies nationwide, then optimal forms of advertisement will result in a significant income increase.


We have prepared advertisement bundles on a national scale: starting from Social media, SEO, whisper marketing campaigns or even adding classified ads in thousands, through press advertisement, ending with ads on the radio and TV.

We invite you to use our offer. As far as Whisper Marketing is concerned, there is no better advertisement form. We propose Whisper Marketing to both small sole proprietorships to giant corporations. It offers many possibilities, starting from a chance to reach a limitless number of recipients, through solidifying the company’s place on the market, and ending with gaining new customers through recommendations .



We offer a unique blend



As an advertising agency we offer a unique blend of unmatched advertising style and exceptional talent in creative development. Thanks to bringing creative ideas into life, we achieve success in our every advertising campaign. We know exactly how to reach your potential clients, by using all available communication channels.


We are one of the very few to try to focus on marketing and advertising campaign that will reach the client. To do that, the advertising campaign needs to be up-to-date. What does that mean? A campaign needs to be trendy. We know which Social Media channels stay on top and which have an influence on search engines’ algorithms, and we focus our advertising actions on them the most. We do not waste our clients’ time and money on unnecessary advertising forms.


Regular advertisement, without a message and designing the appropriate recipient is a waste of money, through creating Social Media channels, building  a proper base for the recipient, we get exactly there where we wanted to be.


Remember – Nakatomi Social Media Agency – Advertising Agency that offers imaginative and creative ideas.

Rule of 5 steps



1. We study the market and competition – in the first month we explore the market, familiarize ourselves with the products of the competition, we compare their prices with the customer’s prices and we are trying to optimize the marketing of our product in a way to make the product simultaneously better, more efficient or of higher quality and cheaper, even initial losses can be profitable.


  2. After analyzing the market, we proceed to the selection of appropriate marketing campaign, not every company can be promoted only in the network, some brands and companies need the support of a TV or a 

radio ad, there are companies where the usual AdWords is enough, and even where such a campaign must be conducted simultaneously at 10 planes.


  3. Building a brand - what does it mean? Before the release of the service or product on the market one should take care of the appropriate PR both in industry forums in the directories of companies, as well as in trade magazines or on billboards. Building a brand is a difficult stage where we try, using methods known only to us, to take care of it, so your services or products would be favorably perceived both on the Web and among the users.


 4. We begin selling products or services - through all distribution channels on a massive scale. For this purpose we use both online stores, dealers, stationary stores, wholesalers, or social media with paid advertisements on FB or Twitter. Australia is not Poland and Allegro is not an option, in any market you must sell differently, you first must learn the market and then you can achieve success. We have been learning that market already for three years and we still see a long road to success and the full knowledge of the market.


5. Reproduction - reaching the fifth stage, we have achieved a success in the stage of reproducing patterns of Step 4. We enter only as our company begins to generate decent and expected benefits, then the sale takes place only through markets known for a year or two, with the activities, which bring the biggest conversion with the smallest amount spent on advertising. We are at stage 5 and also from time to time we are trying to find a new path of development while constantly studying the market.

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